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Post by Kairi on Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:20 am

Here is a list of current rules, regulations, and standards for Writerz Block.

Forum Rules:

1. Friendliness is the most important thing. Be kind and courteous with all of your posts.
2. Absolutely, positively, NO CYBERBULLYING! Even if you think you're doing the "right thing" by being rough with someone, or that they deserve it. It still counts as bullying. If there is a problem with another member (Which we hope there aren't!), seek help from an administrator or moderator. DO NOT, by ANY MEANS handle such things yourself. If you have a 'tiff' with a friend, work it out. But do not handle large problems yourself, even if they seem small to you. It only leads to unnecessary trouble and drama. Get help.
3. No swearing. This is a Christian forum.
4. The same being for Sexual Content, and the like.
5. No spamming / smiley spamming. Please.
6. No one word/smiley posts / double accounts.
7. No advertising or encouraging any sorts of propaganda or other websites. (Your profiles on fanfic.net, or telling others about your website, etc. are allowed, however. Just nothing promoting a business or product, please and thank you. Smile)
8. No offensive posts, avatars, signatures, or usernames.
9. Please do not be offensive behind the scenes. (PMs, etc.)
10. Please remember, along the lines of the other things, this is a Christian forum. There are young members here as well. Try to remember that when you post.

Chat Rules:
1. No spamming. (Single worded posts and one smiley posts are allowed here. Not smiley spamming, however.)
2. No offensive language, Sexual Content, etc.
3. Keep conversations PG rated at most.
4. Be kind and courteous in conversations.
5. No arguing. (Debating is different, as long as it's not in a harsh form.)
6. No advertising, etc.
7. Remember what beliefs this forum is founded on, and that we have younger members here, when you discuss within the chat. (If you are of another belief, that is understandable. Even accepted. However, please, remain kind when posting and when chatting. Smile)

Punishments for breaking rules:
1. First offense: Friendly reminder. (This also goes for "soft offenses", to a point. However, once a rule has been broken so many times, it moves on to the next punishment level.)
2. Second offense: Warning.
3. Third offense: PM and/or Avatar and/or Sig removal. (Depending on the level of offense.)
4. Fourth offense: Three day chat box ban.
5. Fifth offense: Three day forum ban.
6. Sixth offense: One week forum ban.
7. Seventh offense: Two week forum ban.
And so on.

Please abide by these rules and remember, "You do the crime, you do the time." Rule breakers will not be tolerated on Writerz Block forums.

Have a wonderful day. Smile
~The Writerz Block Team.

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